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Elder Care Keeps Seniors Safe and Comfortable at Home

Elder care is when a care provider comes to your senior parent’s home on a set schedule to help them with a wide range of household tasks.
Elder Care

When seniors don’t want to give up their homes and choose to live independently as long as they can family members often worry about their safety and security. Having concerns about your senior parent’s safety if they are living alone is normal. But elder care can relieve your worries and help your senior parent hang onto their independence so that you’re both happy.

Elder care is when a care provider comes to your senior parent’s home on a set schedule to help them with a wide range of household tasks. Having someone in the house to help with chores means that your senior parent won’t have to struggle to keep up with the house. It also means that your senior parent will have a lower risk of isolation, depression, and anxiety because they are having regular visits with someone they trust.

Some of the things that an elder care provider can do for your senior parent are:

Light Housekeeping

Household chores are increasingly difficult for seniors as they get older. Medical conditions and the impact of aging can make it painful or impossible for seniors to do things like grip a broom, swing a mop, carry a laundry basket, or wash dishes. An elder care provider can help your senior parent with chores so that the home is clean and comfortable.

Shopping and Errands

If your senior parent has trouble with mobility or going out is exhausting for them a home care provider can go grocery shopping for them, run errands, pick up medications at the pharmacy, or drop off items at the post office. Seniors are often relieved to not have to do the shopping or run errands.

If your senior parent wants to go for a ride in the car to get out of the house, they can stay in the car while the care provider goes into the store and runs the errands. That way your senior parent doesn’t have to keep getting in and out of the car if it’s difficult for them.

Preparing Meals and Cleaning Up After Meals

Preparing meals is another task that seniors often struggle with. Chopping, cutting, slicing, washing vegetables and fruit, and carrying pans or pots of water can all be very difficult for seniors to do safely. Because of that many seniors end up eating processed easy-to-heat microwave meals or getting take-out, which isn’t healthy.

A care provider can take the time to prepare healthy meals with fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and other healthy ingredients. When the meal is done the care provider can portion the leftovers into single meal containers so that your senior parent can heat them up on their own later. A care provider will clean up after the meal leaving the kitchen safe and clean.

Making Sure the Home is Free From Clutter

Clutter can cause seniors to fall at home. It’s very important that there are no loose area rugs, cords sticking out, or furniture in the way where your senior parent walks. A care provider can pick up the house, clear the clutter, and make sure your senior parent is safe.

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