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Senior Home Care Can Help Seniors Get To Appointments

Senior home care can give your parent back their independence and their ability to get to appointments, shopping, or other places easily.
Senior Home Care

If your senior parent can no longer drive themselves and that’s impacting their ability to live at home, senior home care can help. Your senior parent may be able to continue living at home in the house they love without transportation hassles even if they can’t drive.

It’s hard for seniors to give up driving. Often seniors feel like they are giving up their independence when they can’t safely drive anymore. Your senior parent may not want to deal with the hassles of taxis or ride shares. And they probably don’t want to ask you to drive them places because they don’t want to be a burden.

If you work, you may not be able to drive them to run errands or get to medical appointments because you can’t take the time off or change your work hours. Senior home care can give your parent back their independence and their ability to get to appointments, shopping, or other places easily.

How Senior Home Care Can Help

Your senior parent may not want to use rideshares or taxis because it’s difficult for them to get into and out of cars. Seniors who have balance problems, joint problems, or other physical challenges can have a hard time physically getting in and out of a car. Rideshare drivers may be driving vehicles that are too small or too low to the ground for seniors to get in and out of. And seniors can be self-conscious about how long it takes them to get in and out of the vehicle.

A senior home care provider makes transportation easy and comfortable for seniors. Instead of feeling rushed and embarrassed, your senior parent will feel confident and safe with someone they know.

And that comfort can make getting to appointments easier and safer. In addition to being more comfortable during the ride your senior parent will have someone with them at their appointments who can do things like:

  • Help them in and out of the car safely
  • Help them upstairs or provide support during long walks to the door
  • Help them check in at appointments and find a place to sit in the waiting room
  • Wait with them
  • Help them use the bathroom if necessary
  • Carry a bag with water, snacks, or anything else that your parent might need
  • Provide comfort and company while your senior parent waits
  • Check-in with you after to let you know how the appointment went
  • Living independently doesn’t mean that seniors don’t need support. Physical and emotional support can make doctor and dentist appointments less frightening. They can make shopping trips more fun. And they can make errands a lot less stressful and overwhelming for seniors.

Find Out More About Home Care In Your Area

If your senior parent can’t drive anymore call us today to find out more about senior home care and how a care provider can give your senior parent the extra support and comfort they need to thrive even though they can’t drive any longer.

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