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How Can Families Care for Seniors Who Live Far Away?

When family caregivers live far away from the seniors they’re trying to care for, there are some bigger challenges. Senior home care is a great way to stay aware of what’s happening.
Senior Home Care by My Home Care Quote
Senior Home Care by My Home Care Quote

More and more families find themselves trying to manage care for the seniors in their lives from far away. This poses some unique challenges that aren’t always easy to overcome alone. Despite physical distance, there are lots of ways for family caregivers to stay involved and continue to care for the people they love. Senior home care services offer a wide range of types of assistance that families can rely on.

Leverage Different Types of Technology

Lots of seniors avoid technology because it can be a little scary at first. But leveraging technology can help family caregivers to have as much information as possible about the care their senior needs. Using video calling, different types of messaging apps, social media, and more can all help everyone involved to stay aware of what’s going on at any given time.

Work with Local Senior Home Care Services

Hiring senior home care services that are local to the senior who needs help is a great idea. Caregivers are able to offer hands-on help with all sorts of different tasks. Even if seniors don’t need a lot of help just yet, they can be there to offer companionship. They can also keep family caregivers accurately informed about what their senior is facing on a daily basis.

Schedule Regular Health Checkups

Health becomes even more important as seniors age and when family support lives far away. Seniors need to regularly attend health checkups with their medical providers. If they don’t drive any longer or need extra help with mobility, home care providers can help with that.

Keep a Shared Calendar

Using a shared calendar helps everyone involved to have a better idea what everyone is doing and when. This can help family caregivers to track all sorts of things from tasks that need to be completed to appointments and when seniors will have visitors. Shared calendars can help to open up the lines of communication, keeping everyone who has access informed.

Plan Regular Visits

Long-distance caregiving is doable, but family caregivers do still need to visit regularly when they can. If families can trade off visits from one member to another, this can work, too. The idea is to ensure that someone from the family is able to spend some regular time checking in with the senior in person. It’s also a great opportunity to create new memories and share old ones.

Encourage Socialization

One of the biggest dangers that seniors face as they age in place alone is that they become lonely and even isolated. Working with senior home care providers is a great way to ensure that seniors are not only safe and healthy, but that they also have regular companionship. Caregivers can also help to ensure that seniors have transportation help in order to meet up with friends and acquaintances.

Caring for seniors who live far away involves making some big decisions and being thoughtful about the process. Senior home care providers can work with family caregivers to streamline the process and help make long-distance care more effective.

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